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Top 10 Small villages in Portugal you should visit before they become touristic

Portugal is an incredibly diverse and fascinating country. From its stunningly rugged coastline to its passionate culture, it's no wonder so many people visit the country each year. One of the best experiences a visitor can have in Portugal is exploring its villages; the old-world charm, quaint cobblestone streets, and stunning landscapes make for unforgettable memories.
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Portugal is an incredibly diverse and fascinating country. From its stunningly rugged coastline to its passionate culture, it's no wonder so many people visit the country each year. One of the best experiences a visitor can have in Portugal is exploring its villages; the old-world charm, quaint cobblestone streets, and stunning landscapes make for unforgettable memories. Ten small villages, in particular, should be visited before they become too touristic; each has its unique attractions and charms that come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Go now while they are still relatively peaceful and charming, as these destinations from Portugal will soon turn into global tourism destinations.

Prepare your suitcase and get lost in the sun-soaked fishing towns, mountain regions and rural farm settings of Portugal!

1. Monsanto 

Small Villages Portugal


Visit Portugal and experience the beauty of the countryside with a visit to Monsanto. This ancient village, positioned atop a distinct hill surrounded by lush green valleys and mountains, is a remarkable sight which will take your breath away! Home to many traditional Portuguese crops as well as winding cobbled streets and stone walls that reach up to the sky, it’s guaranteed to leave you captivated. A visit to Monsanto will give you a real taste of rural life in Portugal. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, this enchanting town is filled with monuments, buildings, and landmarks from centuries ago coupled with a unique energy that brings it into the present day. A visit to Monsanto grants visitors a chance to take in an unparalleled view of rolling hills and tree-lined streets.

Spend an afternoon tasting delicious local produce or visit some of the exquisite vineyards in the area. Relax with friends and family while admiring this magnificent village which truly exudes an atmosphere of timeless beauty and history – nothing can beat it!

Where to eat: Adega Típica - O Cruzeiro

Where to stay: Monsanto Geo Hotel Escola

2. Piodão 

Small Villages Portugal


If you're looking to visit Portugal, Piodão has to make it into your itinerary. This enchanting village in the Serra do Açor is sure to take your breath away with its unique architecture and stunning views. As you visit the small whitewashed granite houses set amidst lush green valleys, you'll feel like you've stepped into a fairytale. Don't miss the historic 12th-century Church of Santa Maria de Piodão, which stands as one of the best examples of Romanesque-style architecture in the region.

Bask like a local in the cosy cafes as you savour fresh baked goods or perhaps hike one of many trails nearby and explore crystal blue waterfalls and dense forests tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

No visit to Portugal would be complete without stopping to visit Piodão, where you will be sure to find unforgettable experiences.

Where to eat: O Fontinha

Where to stay: Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia

3. Almoçageme 

Small Villages Portugal


This small village in the Sintra municipality is the perfect destination for a vacation in this beautiful country. From its stunning coastline to exceptional wineries and rolling hills, Almoçageme offers a diverse range of experiences that exceed any traveller's expectations. This charming fishing village has views to die for; sparkling oceans, sandy beaches and verdant vineyards surround it.

Here travellers can get back in touch with traditional Portuguese customs. From its winding cobblestone streets, historic inns, and authentic seafood restaurants, to its beautiful churches and lush nature reserves, Almocageme is sure to fill your soul with wonder.

Whether you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or simply an escape from reality, visit Portugal and experience Almoçageme's unique charm and beauty.

Where to eat: Pensão Sisudo

Where to stay: Arribas Sintra Hotel


4. Reguengos de Monsaraz 

Small Villages Portugal


This historic small town combines a beautiful atmosphere with stunning views of the Alentejo countryside, giving visitors the feeling that they are stepping back in time with each step taken. Whether you’re admiring the unspoiled nature or exploring the 400-year-old streets, it's an experience unlike any other.

Visiting Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal isn't just a regular visit - it's an immersive experience of culture and tradition wrapped up in one historic village. From the castle walls dating back to dynastic times right up to their rich folkloric festivals, enjoy the sights of rolling vineyards and explore their deep-rooted connection with music. Witness how wine-making is more than just a process here from tasting traditional cheeses to exploring underground cellars full of local wines.

So if you're looking for a place to visit for some genuine Portuguese hospitality then Reguengos de Monsaraz is where you should be heading - don't miss out!

Where to eat: Restaurante Herdade do Esporão

Where to stay: Outeiro do Barro

5. Sortelha

Small Villages Portugal


For those wanting to visit somewhere off the beaten path, Sortelha in Portugal is a must. Located in the Serra da Lousã mountains, this ancient village is like stepping back in time with cobblestone streets and stone buildings hundreds of years old. The castle that overlooks the village will take your breath away – it was built during the 12th century and defended by the Knights Templar! Not only will visitors enjoy admiring the architecture, but they can also explore lush valleys, rolling hills, and extinct volcanoes when they visit Sortelha in Portugal.

Whether you plan on taking part in the traditional festivities or exploring the wealth of ancient Castilian architecture, visiting Sortelha will bring a sense of true admiration for this gorgeous corner of Portugal.

Where to eat: O Celta

Where to stay: Palace Hotel & SPA Termas de S. Tiago

6. Tomar

Small Villages Portugal


When you visit Portugal, be sure to make a stop in Tomar. It is home to several amazing sights and activities for everyone who visits. From the Convento do Cristo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built by the Order of Christ in the 12th century, to floating down the Nabao River on a traditional maritime vessel tour, Tomar has exceptional experiences waiting for all who visit.

You can also visit one of the many religious monuments scattered across town or wander around Parque das Potentialidades e Natureza Ribeiro da Cunha for some well-deserved tranquillity. Whether you choose to wander through its charming streets or take part in any number of events, Tomar offers something truly remarkable and unforgettable.

Where to eat: O Tabuleiro

Where to stay: Hotel dos Templários

7. Óbidos

Small Villages Portugal


Visiting Óbidos in Portugal is an experience like no other. Found within the heart of Portugal, this cosy, quaint little town is home to cobblestone streets, grand medieval walls, and impeccably-preserved monuments. A visit to Óbidos is a brief escape back in time - one which gifts any traveller with boundless moments of wonder and joy. There are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy as well; peruse gorgeous church facades, try unique Portuguese wines at chalices crafted of chocolate, explore the mysterious castle that dates back centuries or visit the São Tiago church in the old town built over 700 years ago or simply marvel at the breathtaking architecture that is only found in this part of the world. So visit Portugal today; you won't regret it!

Where to eat: Pontinha

Where to stay: Casa Picva

8. Vila do Conde

Small Villages Portugal


Portugal is host to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Europe, and Vila do Conde should not be overlooked. Located on the Rio Ave River and right by the coast, Vila do Conde offers visitors an incredible blend of scenic nature while still retaining plenty of the area’s rich cultural heritage. With its many charming cobblestone streets, visitable chapels, castles and churches, it truly is a unique destination for everyone looking to visit Portugal.

Whether it's the stunning architecture of the 16th-century monastery or the spectacular beaches along the coast, there is something for everyone here. You can explore ancient ruins, visit famous castles, and even visit local markets to get a feel for true Portuguese culture. Otherwise, you could just spend time walking around the beautiful city or enjoying a picnic on one of its idyllic beaches.

Aside from these attractions, there are also plentiful tours available in Vila do Conde that will surely satisfy any visitor! All in all, Vila do Conde offers a unique opportunity to see a glimpse of Portugal’s old-world charm through its stunning coast blended with modern-day conveniences.

Where to eat: Restaurante Adega Da Vila

Where to stay: Villa C Boutique Hotel

9. Idanha-a-velha

Small Villages Portugal


Visiting Idanha-a-velha in Portugal is a truly inspiring experience. This charming town is packed full of history and culture, with its origins dating back to the Roman Empire. From stunning old churches and monuments to its beautiful scenery and local cuisine, there's plenty to explore. Visitors will discover an abundance of activities from hiking trails in the hills surrounding the town, to tasting local wine at vineyards nearby. Idanha-a-velha offers a unique chance for tourists to visit Portugal and visit its treasures in a safe environment. Discovering Idanha-a-velha is a true journey of exploration and appreciation for what this country has to offer!

Where to eat: Vamos Ò Manteigas

Where to stay: Hotel Estrela da Idanha

10. Sao Bras de Alportel

Small Villages Portugal


Visiting São Bras de Alportel, Portugal will be a visit to remember. Located in the beautiful Algarve region of southern Portugal, this town offers visitors a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. Its cobbled streets are lined with traditional white-washed homes and quaint cafes, offering a charming atmosphere unlike any other. It is located on a hilly landscape surrounded by cork oak trees, giving it views that are worth an Instagram post. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor activities for those seeking some adrenaline such as climbing and swimming in its beautiful coves. Whether you want to visit ancient ruins, sample local cuisine or explore the local flora and fauna, visit São Bras de Alportel for an unforgettable holiday experience.

A visit to Sao Bras de Alportel will be sure to leave lasting memories and make you eager to visit Portugal again.

Where to eat: Sabores do Campo

Where to stay: Rocha da Gralheira


Exploring Portugal's small villages is a great way to see the country in its truest form. 10 of these villages have the most amazing sights and offer cultural experiences that you won't find anywhere else. From the winding, cobbled streets and sea views of Vila do Conde to the picturesque Óbidos and traditional, rustic charm of Sortelha, visit these villages before they become overrun with tourists - Portugal will thank you! With such natural beauty and charming atmosphere there's no question that Portugal should be on everyone's travel bucket list - so make sure to visit soon.

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