Hey, this is us.

Travel Couple Liza & Tiago

This is us.

Tiago from Portugal and Liza from Switzerland. One is always on time like a Swiss clock, the other one is taking HIS time to finish the Pastel de Nata and coffee. One grew up with mountains and snow, the other one next to the ocean.

Pretty different you might think.

We fell in love on the first day we met!

„When I met him, I knew we would never get bored together. That’s what I love about him!“. 

"She makes me grow every day. With her I would go anywhere“.

We share the love for traveling, new adventures, freedom, interest in learning about new cultures, and traditions and just exploring the world!

The beginning

None of us went on a BIG trip before we met each other. Even though we traveled within Europe, our dream was always to travel around the whole world!

We worked hard to get enough money to do our first big travel together.

We wanted to go to South East Asia, so we could combine traveling and surfing in tropical weather. Whoever tried surfing in Portugal, knows why we dream of surfing in warm water ;)

After we saved some money, we both quit our jobs in the surf industry and our trip was about to start in October 2019.

Travel Gift Map
Couple Travel Gift

Liza's side of the story

"Then on my birthday in July 2019 I received the best gift I could ever imagine.

Tiago handed me this little brown box with tiny airplanes and a globe that he drew himself. And it said Liza & Tiago TRAVEL GAME. I opened the small box and I could not believe what he created for me. He spent the last couple of weeks thinking about different challenges for us to do on our trip!

For every challenge, there was one card that came with an inspirational quote about traveling. I was only allowed to see five cards. The rest was gonna be a surprise for the rest of the trip. Fifty special adventures that were waiting for us! This was the best birthday gift I ever got. I could not wait to pick the first card!“

Tiago's side of the story

"Since we were saving up for our travel, we created the rule that we could not buy or spend any money on gifts.

Months before Liza’s birthday I was already thinking about what to offer her. Then it hit me. The one thing she loves the most is, making new experiences. And what would be better than making a fun game out of that? I wanted us to get the most out of our trip together. I believe creating memories and getting out of our comfort zone would bring us the most amazing memories.

I can still remember the huge smile she had as soon as she saw the gift I had for her! Of course, then Liza was telling everyone about the coming travel and the unique gift she got, that’s when we realised how many people were amazed by the Idea of the cards. We had SO many friends asking us to offer them the same cards.“

Travel Challenges gift
Travel inspiration Game

"Best thing we packed"

The cards were probably the best thing we packed and we will never forget the memories we have together. (Read about the best experience we got from the cards: Liza’s Story and Tiago’s Story)

So, as soon as we finished our last challenge, we decided to make them available to others. As we know ourselves, saving up money for travel is super important. So we decided to make the cards affordable even for low budget travelers.

We truly believe that doing these challenges will bring so much value to the trip! We really hope that the challenges will bring you as much fun, experiences and adventures as they brought us! Go travel and make as many new experiences as possible!

Because, we believe that challenging yourself is one of the best ways to grow as an individual. Thank you so much for reading our story!

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Safe travels,