Dublin Hidden Gems

17 Dublin Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

The hidden and lesser-known gems of Dublin are one of the city's greatest attractions. In this guide, we will showcase 17 of those wonderful places you’re unlikely to find included in any standard travel brochure – these spots may not always come with glossy pictures but they are more than worth a visit during your stay in Dublin!


The hidden and lesser-known gems of Dublin are one of the city's greatest attractions. Dublin, the capital city and largest urban area in Ireland, is full to the brim with delightful surprises awaiting intrepid travelers looking for a unique journey through time.

There is something special about uncovering secret places, tucked away from crowds and commercialization - a living reminder that there is still beauty to be found in many corners of the world if we just take the time to look for it!

Traveling around Dublin doesn't need to be expensive or require long queues; explore beyond the main tourist routes, enjoy some local dishes and drinks, wander through historic districts, and discover what makes this culturally vibrant city so unique by visiting some amazing hidden gems. In this guide, we will showcase 17 of those wonderful places you’re unlikely to find included in any standard travel brochure – these spots may not always come with glossy pictures but they are more than worth a visit during your stay in Dublin!

Iveagh Gardens

Are you looking for a unique travel experience to Dublin? Then the Iveagh Gardens is the perfect place for you!

Created in 1865, the grounds feature relaxing avenues and pathways, playing host to breathtaking floral displays, trickling fountains, wildflower mazes, and Stoney paths that travel around some of Dublin's oldest trees. From sunbathing on tranquil grass triangles with a good book or having a picnic amongst vibrant blossoms; you will feel your worries drift away no matter where you travel within the Iveagh Gardens.

The award-winning gardens are a travel destination waiting to be explored - boasting seven uniquely planted sections over 25 acres. It houses a variety of plants and trees, including rare species that are over a hundred years old. The sprawling lawns create a picturesque setting with a harmony of colors and smells. Whether you're looking to enjoy an afternoon stroll or a picnic with family and friends, there's something special waiting for you at Iveagh Gardens!

In addition, visitors can take guided tours of the grounds to make their travel experience even more memorable. 


Dublin Hidden Gems

Dublin Doors In and Around Fitzwilliam Square

Dublin is home to some extraordinarily unique doors, and Fitzwilliam Square offers a fantastic opportunity for travel to Dublin.

While visiting the iconic square, wander around and take in the various colors, patterns, and styles of the many doors situated along its pavements. A stroll through these historic streets will amaze you with their fine Georgian architecture, beautiful colors, and the secrets that they hold behind every single door. Each one telling its own story of days gone by - all huddled in a patchwork of cobblestones and quaint alleys.  

Dublin Hidden Gems

Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Teeling Whiskey Distillery in Dublin is a must-see experience for anyone interested travel to the Irish capital. Established in 1997, it is one of the few independent whiskey distilleries in the country and has become synonymous with quality and luxury. For over two centuries, this historic distillery has been using traditional Irish techniques to craft some of the finest whiskey in all of Ireland. A guided tour around the facility is a great way to learn more about whiskey-making as well as gain an appreciation for the efforts that go into crafting each delightful drop.

You can even purchase bottles from their signature range or choose from one of their many special editions. No matter which whiskey you decide to bring home, you’ll have a truly unique taste of Ireland's most beloved spirit stored safely in those bottles.

So make sure travel to Dublin includes a visit to Teeling Whiskey and embark on a journey through Dublin’s best whiskeys!


Dublin Hidden Gems

The Dodder Rhino

Visiting Dublin can be an inspiring experience and something that every traveler should make time for. One of the city's must-see attractions is The Dodder Rhino – a vibrant painted white sculpture that stands 12ft tall in Herbert Park. Constructed from recycled materials such as bathtubs and fencing by Jason O'Kelly of the Junk Kouture Project, it is a striking and uplifting symbol of local talent, creativity, and sustainability.

Take some time to admire its unique design, which conveys the power, strength, and friendship between animals – visitors are sure to find it both heartwarming and riveting!

Dublin Hidden Gems

Brú na Bóinne

Dubin is full of wonderful secrets, and the ancient monument at Brú na Bóinne is a true hidden gem. Dubbed by many as Ireland's answer to Stonehenge, at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can travel back in time and explore a setting that dates back 5,000 years. This sacred site is made up of three Neolithic sites: Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth which have been standing as monuments to mankind since before written history existed.

It's impossible not to feel inspired standing in the presence of these incredible stone structures- it's a chance for us all to glimpse back through time and witness the hard work and dedication that our ancestors put into creating this lasting tribute.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Howth Cliff Walk

Dubin and its hidden gems, like the Howth Cliff Walk, is a must-see destination! Nestled against the cold waves of the Irish Sea, this captivating 4.5-mile walk presents stunning views of rocky landscapes and green pastures. As you traverse around the cliffs, you’ll have spellbinding mountainous vistas that present magical landscapes in pristine clarity, with coastal seascapes that seem almost otherworldly.

Along this stretch of winding paths and rolling hills, be sure to visit Dernish Island for an insightful look at Dubin's historical importance. Get ready to explore mesmerizing panoramas as part of Dubin’s deep mission to provide unforgettable experiences!

Dublin Hidden Gems

 Killiney Hill

Killiney Hill in Dublin is a place of endless beauty and adventure! It's a prime what-to-visit in Dublin for its stunning views across the city. Standing at an impressive 200 meters above sea level, there are breathtaking panoramic views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains that can be admired while walking along the path and admiring what nature has to offer.

There are plenty of benches to relax on, where you can soak up the tranquil atmosphere or watch the birds and insects busily flying around. From the top, you can see Dublin Bay from one side and rolling hills from the other. Going there during sunset is particularly magical as it brings a warm golden hue to the landscape. On your journey up, take time to stop at some of the historical monuments like King William III's Obelisk, or escape into nature on one of the trails running up along Killiney Hill Park. 

 Dublin Hidden Gems

The Celt Pub

Visiting Dublin isn't complete until you have stopped by The Celt Pub; a prime example of the city's traditional culture. Whether you're looking for an amazing craft beer selection, an evening of incredible live music, or simply a pocket filled with fantastic memories, The Celt Pub is sure to deliver.

Located in the heart of the city, this traditional Irish pub immediately puts its visitors in a nostalgic haze as they are surrounded by wood-paneled walls and beautiful stained glass window tapestries. The staff adds to the atmosphere with friendly conversation, so it's easy to feel at home here. I

f you're in the mood for an authentically Irish experience, then The Celt is the perfect place for you – after all, there's nothing quite like being able to enjoy some of Ireland’s finest drinks and cuisine in a setting that truly shows off just how amazing this country is!

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Johnnie Fox’s Pub

If you’re visiting Dublin, then a night out at Johnnie Fox’s Pub is an absolute must! This legendary spot has been around since 1798 and is one of the oldest pubs in the entire city.

It boasts a great atmosphere, along with some of the best traditional Irish music you’ll hear in the nation’s capital. Spend an evening here and there’s a good chance you might experience some of your most treasured memories. Besides tasty traditional grub on offer, this iconic pub gives you a chance to enjoy an evening filled with culture and entertainment, creating an atmosphere like nowhere else in Dublin. That delightful mix of music and warm hospitality makes for an inspiring time.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Merrion Square Park

Visiting Dublin wouldn't be complete without a visit to Merrion Square Park. It is the most iconic and beautiful of Dublin's green spaces, with its elegant Georgian architecture characteristic of the city’s golden era. Not only is it home to the statue of Oscar Wilde but also has so many other delights that inspire awe and appreciation. There are regal bronze statues of notable patriots like Daniel O'Connell, acres of serene green space with flowering shrubs and colorful flower beds, and some of the most unusual trees seen in this part of Europe.

The park is full of vibrant greenery and a variety of birds, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts or urban explorers looking to relax. If visiting in the summertime, be sure to enjoy the many events that are held on-site, such as Picnic in the Park and open-air theatre productions.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Zaytoon Restaurant Dublin

Visiting Dublin? Don't forget to check out Zaytoon Restaurant, the quintessential Middle Eastern dining experience. There you'll find authentic Lebanese and Persian cuisine cooked with passion and care. From flavorful, deliciously spiced meats to light and fluffy pita bread, every meal is a tantalizing treat.

Enjoy grilled skewers of succulent beef kofte or opt for the vegetarian-friendly Falafel Plate - perfect with a side of creamy hummus. A visit to Zaytoon will no doubt leave you feeling inspired - inspired to explore new cuisines and experiences!

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin is a truly inspiring sight. Looming over the River Liffey, this majestic bridge forms part of what to do in Dublin. This distinctive, cable-stayed bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava, adding an eye-catching piece of modern architecture to what is otherwise an atmosphere steeped in history. As one of the city's most iconic bridges, it also offers breathtaking views of both sides of the river, making it an ideal spot for taking photos or simply appreciating what Dublin has to offer.

Thanks to its beautiful design and access to a wide range of attractions hosted on either side, Samuel Beckett Bridge is something that should be experienced when visiting Dublin. If you're looking for what to do in the city, this should be at the top of your list!

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Glasnevin Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin is one of the most memorable places to visit when touring what the Irish capital has to offer. The cemetery, located just outside of Dublin and founded in 1832, is home to centuries of history and a resting place for some of Ireland's greatest heroes and influential figures, including Daniel O'Connell, Charles Stewart Parnell, Countess Markievicz, and Michael Collins – to name but a few. Despite its solemn atmosphere, Glasnevin Cemetery is also a place filled with life; wander through its grounds and you'll have first-hand experience of what many consider to be one of Dublin's best attractions.

Visitors can partake in daily guided tours hosted by passionate individuals who bring the intriguing stories that surround this iconic landmark in Irish history back from the past.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

The Hungry Tree, King’s Inn Park

If what you're looking for is a park that doesn't only inspire awe and interest but also entices people to take part in various activities, then The Hungry Tree King's Inn Park in Dublin is the place to visit. The Hungry Tree in the King’s Inn Park in Dublin is a site of magic, music, art, and education. With many activities like traditional Irish dancing performances, children's poetry classes, and more, The Hungry Tree offers visitors an immersive cultural experience of what there is to discover in what Dublin has to offer. In addition to the fun activities that take place at this park, it also has incredible scenery with gorgeous green trees and fresh air that makes it perfect for a calm afternoon walk or a picnic lunch.

This breathtaking park features lush meadows and views of the River Liffey, making it the perfect spot for a special picnic or a romantic walk. But what truly sets it apart among what to do in Dublin are its playing fields - mazes, turf pitches, and climbing walls offer something for any taste or age. And once you get tired of being outside - there's an onsite cafe and art galleries nearby too.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Dublin Under Sail

Dublin Under Sail offers the unique experience of what it looks and feels like to be on a sailing vessel. This tour is perfect for those who desire to explore what Dublin has to offer from an entirely new perspective. Marvel at historic buildings as you take in views of architecture that have withstood centuries. As you cruise along the waters, take in the stunning sites of what makes Dublin such a beautiful city. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime on this thrilling sailing voyage while gaining insight into what makes Ireland so enchanting and what truly sets Dublin apart.

Get up close and personal with Trinity College, islands such as Howth, and some breathtaking natural sights along the way. Experience all that Dublin has to offer like never before!

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Oscar Wilde Statue, Merrion Square

If you're visiting Dublin, be sure to visit Merrion Square and pay homage to Oscar Wilde.

This bronze statue of the Irish poet, novelist, playwright, and it was created by sculptor Danny Osborne in 1997 to honor the work of this renowned figure. Not only does visiting this unique landmark allow you to admire why Wilde's influence is still felt today, but it also provides a privileged view of an area that has long been a source of literary inspiration.

Surrounded by stately Georgian houses and green leafy trees, the statue helps visitors understand why Wilde lovingly referred to Dublin as "the city of heart’s desire". It truly is a must-see for anyone visiting Dublin who wants to get a glimpse into Wilde's world.

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Go Kayaking down the River Liffey

For the outdoor enthusiast visiting Dublin, a unique and invigoration water experience awaits! As one of Europe’s oldest cities, Dublin’s unique sites line the edge of the river, offering tourists a unique opportunity to view it all from a different perspective. Go kayaking down the legendary River Liffey and drift beneath stunning bridges spanning centuries of Irish travel. Skim past ancient tribal lands and modern-day attractions including The Spire, the Convention Centre, and formerly underused dockyards that now host authentic restaurants and pubs.

The meandering waters of Ireland’s most important river can be explored with a single beat stroke or tandem teams of all ages, strength levels, and interests, lending an unforgettable and inspiring adventure!

 Dublin Hidden Gems

Overall, Dublin is a magnificent city full of hidden gems and best-kept secrets that are sure to thrill and excite. From castles to parks and art to pubs, there is something for everyone in Dublin. The lesser-known spots may take a bit more effort to find and explore, but the rewards make it all worth it. For those looking for an added dose of adventure, why not join in on one of many outdoor activities around this charming destination?

If further exploration is desired, why not pick up one of our decks of cards with 50 fun travel ideas and get lost in the captivating culture that lurks in the Temple Bar District or basks in the beauty of the Howth peninsula? Go forth and discover all that Dublin has to offer!

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