50 adventures in your pocket

Get inspired by our 50 Travel Challenges!

You don't need a tour guide to travel.

You just need yourself and the courage to get out of your comfort zone.

Can you do it?

Travel Gift - Fun travel Activities

How does it work?

This deck is an inspiration travel deck made of 50 cards. There are 50 travel challenges that will turn your trip into an adventure.

1 - Pick a random card

2 - Get an adventure for the day

3 - Create unforgettable memories

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Create real connections

We believe travelling is all about having new experiences, connecting with the locals and different cultures. 

That is why, every challenge will offer you a daring task, that will push you into interacting with what surrounds you!

Collect Unforgettable Memories

There are no better memories than the ones we collect while travelling. An exciting adventure, a breathtaking landscape, one meal cooked differently or just an interesting story told by a local.

These, are some of the best memories of our lives.

We can promise, every single challenge will give you a story and a memory you will never forget.

High-Quality Cards

Each deck of cards is made with high-quality materials.

The cards are durable and are created to survive the journey of the most adventurous traveller ever!

Perfect Travel Size

If you travel, you want to be light. 

That is why every deck of cards has the perfect size to fit in your backpack or carry around on your pocket.

What other travellers say


I bought these for a wedding gift for my friend and she looooved them! I’m honestly thinking about getting myself a pack once COVID is a thing of the past and it’s safe to travel again!!

Krishna Patel - USA


Love the cards. I bought it for a friend for birthday. Interesting activities on the cards. Perfect gift for someone who loves traveling :)

Anjali Thakur - Germany


The design and the challenges are really cool, can't wait to use it !

Violette Neraud - France

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