Milan Hidden Gems

20 Milan Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

From its famed designer boutiques to its centuries-old architecture, Milan is a city full of awe and wonder that's sure to inspire anyone who visits. But behind the glitz and glamour lies an even more enjoyable hidden world, waiting for travelers in search of adventure. Here we present 20 irresistible hidden gems in Milan!

From its famed designer boutiques to its centuries-old architecture, Milan is a city full of awe and wonder that's sure to inspire anyone who visits. But behind the glitz and glamour lies an even more enjoyable hidden world, waiting for travelers in search of adventure.

Here we present 20 irresistible hidden gems in Milan – secret places that will reveal an unexpected side to this Italian metropolis! Immerse yourself in local culture while getting away from the tourist traps, discover stylish markets off the beaten track, explore fascinating historical sites steeped in mystery and much more.

Let's get ready for a one-of-a-kind journey through Milan's best-kept secrets!

The first private swimming pool in Milan

Milan is known for its Italian cuisine, fashion, and historical monuments. But there is another hidden gem to discover in Milan – the first private swimming pool ever built. It was constructed in 1923 and remains an impressive feat of engineering. You can explore the majestic building from any angle, with its grand pillars, exquisite murals, and high indoor archways that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a palace.

This unique cultural hideaway offers fun outdoor activities like swimming competitions as well as many learning opportunities about Milan’s rich history and architectural heritage. 

Milan Hidden Gems

Ca' de l’Oreggia

Milan is a hub of activity and packed full of amazing attractions, but no Milanese experience would be complete without a visit to the picturesque Ca' de l'Oreggia. Set in the heart of Milan, this historic villa dates back to 1720 and was once owned by VIPs from Milan.

Today, it offers guests an unforgettable experience - take a stroll around their award-winning gardens and appreciate their traditional architecture or dig into delicious Italian cuisine from their renowned restaurant.

Thirteen meters off the ground, visitors can admire the vista of Duomo di Milano from this unique vantage point. From here, it’s easy to breathe in Milan’s vibrant atmosphere, hear the murmur of conversations down below and take in all that makes Milan so special. Ca' de l'Oreggia is one of Milan's hidden staples: an enchanting and inspiring destination not-to-miss!

Milan Hidden Gemms

The pink flamingos of Villa Invernizzi

Milan is a city known for its sophistication and historical wonders, yet there are hidden gems to be found throughout the city and one of the most inspiring places is Villa Invernizzi. These beautiful birds were brought to Milan in the 1930s by its first benefactor, Baron Riccardo Giovanni Invernizzi. Since then they have been cared for by six generations of Milanese families and have become an iconic symbol of Milan's unique culture and rich history.

Whether you are admiring them in their native habitat or just taking in the magnificence of these majestic creatures, it is a true honor to witness such an inspiring sight. The pink flamingos at Villa Invernizzi bring life and joy to this magnificent Italian city and make Milan an even brighter place all year round!

Milan Hidden Gems

The Rabbi's House

Milan is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and among them, The Rabbi's House stands out. This illustrious 19th-century residence is nestled between Via Monte di Pieta and Corso di Porta Ticinese in Milan, Italy and its long-time residents, the Israelite family Piattelli-Calcagni, have opened its doors to the public to share in the fascinating history that lies within these walls.

This Rome-style domus has been restored with avid care to preserve its original structure and diverse collection of objects. Now it serves as a center for socio-cultural activities dedicated to enhancing Milan's Jewish culture. Visitors can explore the upper level which houses collections of artifacts or tap into their inner artist at workshop events held here throughout the year. 

Milan Hidden Gemms

Via Lincoln, the "Burano" of Milano

Milan is a beautiful city full of amazing hidden gems, but Via Lincoln stands out as a particularly special Milanese destination. Nicknamed the "Burano" of Milan, the Via Lincoln area radiates all the joy and vibrancy that its Venetian namesake is known for. Its picturesque cobbled streets are lined with thousands of colorful storefronts, including small boutiques offering handmade and artisanal wares.

Once you walk through this rainbow of color, you'll be welcomed by an eclectic mix of street art and craft stalls crafted by local Milanese artists. Venturing further down the street, restaurants boasting delicious Italian fare line the sidewalk.
With its unassuming exterior nestled away in a seemingly ordinary Milan neighborhood, Via Lincoln is just one of the many unique hidden gems you'll find on your Milan exploration adventure!

Milan Hidden Gems

The Statue of Liberty in Piazza Duomo

Milan Piazza Duomo is home to a unique hidden gem - the Statue of Liberty. This replica was donated in 1926 by Americans living in Milan and stands an impressive 10 meters tall. It's an important symbol that stands for freedom - a message of progress, ambition, and hard work that resonates with Milan's core values.

The presence of this famous statue reminds us there are no limits to what we can achieve when we trust in ourselves and work towards our dreams. Truly inspiring!

 Milan Hidden Gems

House of the Omenoni

Milan is filled with world-famous attractions, like the cobblestone alleyways and Milan's iconic Gothic Cathedral. One treasure in Milan that keeps its secrets closely guarded is the House of the Omenoni, located in the center of Milanova San Vincenzo. According to local legend, it was built in the 14th century to commemorate Milan's grand history. The building is renowned for its gothic architecture, featuring intricately carved faces into the walls depicting ancient gods and goddesses.

These gods were meant to overlook Milan ever since, protecting its citizens from danger and bringing blessings of good fortune. The House remains one of Milan's most secret hidden gems; as soon as you step inside you can feel its enchanting atmosphere that has a story to tell. Discover this Milanese treasure today!

Milan Hidden Gems

Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa and its terrifying ossuary

Milan is a city of hidden gems, and one of the most remarkable is the Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa - a fascinating church with an ossuary unlike any other. Its entrance is marked by thousands of skulls and femurs arranged artistically around its walls, making for an eerie yet awe-inspiring sight. The bones are believed to date back more than 300 years, layered carefully over time to create a captivating feature that captures the imaginations of visitors from all over the world.

For those looking for Milan's deeper secrets, the Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa holds many mysteries - and makes an unforgettable experience in its own right.

 Milan Hidden Gems

San Vittore al Corpo

Milan is one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, but even locals are still discovering its hidden gems. San Vittore al Corpo is certainly one of them - a stunning 11th-century church hidden deep within Milan, adorned with beautiful murals and ornate stained glass windows.

Dating from the 11th century, the church was built by Lombard architect Anselmo da Campione. Inside, visitors can explore beautiful frescoes and appreciate the artistic woodwork of master craftsmen throughout the ages. The magnificent white marble exterior of this Milanese treasure creates a serene atmosphere that will transport you back to a time of grandeur and finesse.

Whether you are looking for an entrancing place to relax or craving spiritual fulfillment, a visit to San Vittore al Corpo is sure to be an inspiring experience.

Milan Hidden Gems

Leonardo’s Vineyard

Milan holds many hidden gems, but none quite as special as Leonardo's Vineyard. Located on the grounds of the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie, it was around during the age of Leonardo da Vinci and is believed to have been tended by monks with his expertise in botany from 500 years ago. Today, it continues to be cared for with great passion, providing us with a glimpse into Milan's past.

The vineyard has undergone modern restoration, allowing it to flourish with native Milanese red grapes that are used for local wines between November and March. Each visit serves as an inspiring reminder of one of Italy's most celebrated artists and truly discovering Milan's magic!

 Milan Hidden Gems

Via Terraggio Garden

Milan is a city of many sights, and the Via Terraggio Garden is one of its hidden gems. With its charming classical architecture and chic cobblestone streets, it's easy to see why Milan is considered one of the world's most attractive cities. To complete this stunning ensemble, take a wander through the stunning greenery of Via Terraggio Garden!

Beautiful fountains, shady pathways atop mosaic tiles, and artistic sculptures will transport you through an incredible journey as you explore Milan's magnificent art scene in all its glory. Whether you're a Milan connoisseur or simply passing through, let the history-steeped enchantment of Via Terraggio Garden whisk you away with its majestic and inspiring atmosphere.

Via Terraggio Garden

Palazzo Lombardia

Palazzo Lombardia in Milan has long been recognized as one of the city’s hidden gems. Rising high above the Milan skyline, this Italian Renaissance-style palace boasts a modernist aesthetic and breathtaking views of Milan’s famous waterways. The building also features an intricate network of terraces and gardens that offer visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. From its vivid history to its impressive architecture, there is something magical about Palazzo Lombardia that makes it one of Milan’s most beloved destinations. Situated in the heart of Milan, this gorgeous building offers a collection of works from famous designers and architects from Milan as well as other parts of Italy.

Next time you’re in Milan, be sure to seize the opportunity to explore this enchanting destination; you won’t want to miss out!

 Milan Hidden Gems


Milan is known for its high fashion, luxury cars, and vibrant culture, but often the hidden gems of Milan get overlooked. Temakinho is one such place that has been tucked away from the eyes of visitors, although Milan locals are well aware of this delicious Japanese-Brazilian fusion restaurant.

Located in Milan's quintessential Duomo district, Temakinho serves up some of the city's finest dishes that combine a unique combination of flavors from both worlds. Through its tasty, creative cuisine and cozy atmosphere, Temakinho has become one of Milan's hottest hidden gems and an experience you won't forget.

 Milan Hidden Gems

Cannon ball in Corso di Porta Romana

Milan is often lauded as a city of passion, and the Cannon Ball in Corso di Porta Romana is a prime example of the such passionate drive. Set up in Milan just a few centuries ago, this hidden gem has quickly become a beloved landmark in Milan and remains there to this day.

This unique sculpture symbolizes the peaceful settlement between Milan and its arch-rival, Vienna, after the War of Italian Succession in 1745. Today, Milan's residents appreciate this sculpture as a reminder that friendship is always a better option than discord and conflict. Every day, visitors flock to Corso di Porta Romana to pay homage to Milan's culture by taking photos of this beloved statue and savoring their magnificent city.

 Milan Hidden Gems

Palazzo Dal Verme

Milan is home to a myriad of hidden gems, and the Palazzo Dal Verme is one of them. This stately building, built in the Neo-Gothic style by architect Giuseppe Jappelli in the mid-century XIX century, is located in Milan’s historical center and features beautiful frescos and a chapel with spectacular artwork on its walls. The Palazzo houses Milan’s Civic Gallery of Ancient Art as well as temporary art exhibitions and events.

The balcony offers a breathtaking view of Milan under the stars. Visitors feel awestruck when exploring the beauty found in this secret hideaway close to Milan's vibrant city center. A visit to Palazzo Dal Verme is nothing short of inspiring!

 Milan Hidden Gems

Billiard room out of time( Euro Jolly)

Milan is renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, but there's a treasure often overlooked by visitors - the Billiard room out of time (Euro Jolly)! This hidden gem offers a step back in time, with stunning vintage décor from the 1920s. Guests can enjoy classic Milanese billiards, alongside a range of drinks and snacks while they admire the mysterious antiques scattered throughout this amazing old house.

For visitors looking to truly immerse themselves in Milan's fascinating past, the Billiard room out of time (Euro Jolly) is an absolute must.

 Milan Hidden Gems

Ballroom and bowls club (Balera dell’Ortica)

Milan's Ballroom and Bowls Club (Balera dell'Ortica) is one of Milan's most remarkable hidden gems. Established in 1978, this family-run business has been enchanting Milan citizens with its magical atmosphere for generations. Even now, as Milan is continuing to develop and become increasingly modernized, Balera dell'Ortica remains an undiscovered paradise near the city that operates like a time capsule from an earlier Milan way of life.

Centuries-old bowling machines and fountains, and intricate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, it is not hard to understand why tourists are so captivated by this place! 

 Milan Hidden Gems

Martesana cycle path: the route

Milan is an incredibly vibrant and diverse city full of hidden gems, and one of the most unique experiences that Milan has to offer is the Martesana cycle path. This route offers cyclists a spectacular journey through Milan’s peaceful suburbs, providing breathtaking views of canals, parks, and small towns scattered along the banks of the river Martesana.

Along the way, cyclists will be able to soak up all of Milan’s stunning cultural legacies while also discovering Milan's hidden gems. The journey isn't too strenuous either, with routes suitable for all abilities. If you’re looking to get exploring and take in some beautiful sights at your own pace, then the Martesana cycle path is worth a visit.

Milan Hidden Gems

A bit of Barcellona (Casa Maiocchi)

Milan is known for its abundance of hidden gems, and it’s this eclectic collection that gives Milan its unique charm. Among these gems is Casa Maiocchi; a Milanese restaurant and art gallery in the heart of Milan – this baroque building has some of the best food and artwork Milan has to offer. Their traditional Milanese menu brings together the past and present, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

But Casa Maiocchi doesn’t just serve amazing food, it also includes an accessible art gallery showcasing contemporary works from both local Milanese and international artists. Guests visiting Casa Maiocchi can expect delicious seasonal interpretations of classic Milanese dishes, as well as a beautiful display of artwork – making it the perfect place for Milan’s culture lovers.

 Milan Hidden Gems

Bosco Verticale

Milan is well-known for its fashion, culture & architecture, yet many people don’t realize the city's true hidden gems. One of Milan’s hidden gems is Bosco Verticale which translates to Vertical Forest in English – and rightly so because this building consists of not one, but two residential towers with planted terraces overlooking Milan. It has become a hotspot for eco-tourists as this building showcases just how a modern structure can have such an inspiring payoff on our planet if built cleanly and sustainably.

Stretching 110 meters into Milan's skyline, this incredible feat looks magnificent from all angles both during the day and at night when spectacular lighting displays shine brightly on her steel-clad balconies. Milan may be known for culture and fashion, but it is its gorgeous buildings like the Eco Tower that make it truly awe-inspiring.

 Milan Hidden Gems

As you can see, Milan, Italy offers a wealth of hidden gems and best-kept secrets that will make exploring the city truly special. From its spectacular museums and galleries to its lesser-known churches and squares, Milan is sure to be the highlight of any journey through Italy.

Discovering new neighborhoods, trying the local delicacies, and learning about the rich culture are all part of the ethereal charm that draws travelers towards this magically captivating destination. If you want to make your trip even more special or have trouble finding your way around, don't forget to snag one of our decks of cards with 50 fun travel ideas to use in Milan! So what are you waiting for?

Get inspired by these 20 Milan hidden gems and start planning your dream trip! Buon Viaggio!

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