Travel Challenges - Bali Edition

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You kind of visited Bali already through Instagram? Don't worry, with our cards you will end up in places you've never seen before.

After the success of our Travel Challenges - Worldwide, we created 50 specific challenges for Bali.

The rules are simple: You draw a random card and do the challenge!

These are fifty specific challenges about Bali, that will guide you in a different way. Every challenge will bring you closer to the culture and the people of Bali. 

Every card is a great motivation to do something fun for the day or even a great conversation starter to meet new people. Just invite them to do the challenge with you!

A pocket sized guide that brings your more than any travel guide. If you are adventurous and like to get surprised by fun activities - This deck of cards is for you! 

Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and create amazing memories.
Perfect for anyone who wants to explore the real culture of Bali.

For yourself or as the perfect gift!


Your adventure starts now.
Can you do it?


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