Munich Hidden Gems

20 Munich Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

Munich is a city full of history and architectural wonders that draw visitors from around the world. This great German city is full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. So don't miss out - join us now as we uncover some of this amazing city's best-kept secrets!

Munich is a city full of history and architectural wonders that draw visitors from around the world. This great German city is full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. From breathtaking landmarks to romantic alleys and historic buildings, there is plenty here to fascinate the traveler.

If you want an off-the-beaten-track experience on your next visit then we have 20 action-packed Munich hidden gems to show you.


Munich is full of hidden gems, and one of the most precious is Bernheimer-Haus. Built in 1913, this Munich landmark was a prominent site for an auction house.

As Munich's oldest existing townhouse, it boasts unparalleled architectural and cultural significance. Once you wander through its old wooden doors, you'll be taken back in time to a Munich far removed from today’s hustle and bustle. This estate offers insight into Munich’s history, giving visitors a unique and inspiring look at the city’s heritage that they won't find elsewhere.

Nowadays, it stands as a beautiful homage to photography, video art, and modern sculpture from local Munich artists. Recently reopened after an extensive refurbishment, Bernheimer-Haus is certainly an inspiring sight to behold with its grand hallways and outdoor areas showcasing Munich's considerable artistic talent.

Munich Hidden Gems

Underground mines in the Deutsches Museum

Munich is home to some of Germany's most unique hidden gems. One such gem is the underground mines at the Deutsches Museum. This museum provides a hands-on opportunity to step into the mining industry and experience its incredible inner workings firsthand. For any Munich visitor looking for an exciting adventure, exploring these underground mines will give them a fascinating insider look into the history and technology behind it all.

From showcasing modern methods of extraction to providing vivid displays of traditional coal mining from centuries past, this museum offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Munich Hidden Gems

Fish Witte at Viktualienmarkt

Here is another unique place you should definitely visit.
Fish Witte at Viktualienmarkt.

Here you can find the best selection of fresh fish, carefully sourced from some of the finest providers in Munich. Whether you like creamy salmon or a good old trout, this is the place to go for quality seafood dishes sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

Their friendly staff and traditional cuisine make this Munich spot one of a kind. With high-grade seafood and a Munich atmosphere, Fish Witte will provide an entirely new and inspiring seafood experience!

Munich Hidden Gems

The Rose Island

Munich, Germany is often thought of as a bustling city full of life and energy. But, tucked away, Munich can also offer visitors different experiences. One example is The Rose Island (Roseninsel), a hidden oasis right in the middle of Munich's river Isar. This Munich hidden gem has been a romantic pleasure garden since 1720 and provides a stunning view and flowering fragrances to be enjoyed by nature lovers and romantics alike.

Once there, you can wander through the picturesque grounds, which are filled with stunning wildlife such as swans and giant old trees. With its Garden Pavilion adorned with four sculptures from Greek mythology and its little bridges leading over pools back to the shore, this lovely secret will soon become one of your fondest Munich memories! 

Munich Hidden Gems

Drehleier Theater

Munich is a city that is packed full of hidden gems, and at the top of that list for many Munich dwellers is Drehleier Theater. This Munich institution is known for its vibrant performances that dazzle the audience with its mix of music, theatre, and poetry. Here, performances take on a life of their own, transporting theater-goers to an exciting realm where emotions run high and stories linger long after the show has finished.

What makes Drehleier Theater an absolute must-see in Munich?

Its open-air stage provides spectacular views overlooking Munich's historic cityscape; its intimate setting creates unparalleled experiences between performers and audiences alike; and its diverse repertoire includes shows suitable for all ages.

Munich Hidden Gems

Japanese tea house

Munich is known for its ancient charm and countless hidden gems, one of which is the Japanese Tea House. Tucked away near Munich's Japanese Garden, this teahouse offers a unique and peaceful experience amidst the hustle and bustle of Munich. With its traditional tatami mats and elegant décor, visitors will feel as if they've been transported to Japan.

The attentive staff also makes every visit extra special with offerings such as a Matcha green tea ceremony and a variety of traditional Japanese snacks. Whether you want to take in the warm ambiance at Munich's quaintest secret spot with friends or just sip on some calming green tea on your own - a visit to Munich's Japanese Tea House makes for a delightful retreat from it all!

Munich Hidden Gems

Surfing at Eisbach

Munich is known for many things, but among the city's hidden gems is the Eisbach wave. Located right in Munich's English Garden, the infamous Eisbach wave draws experienced surfers from all over the world. While it may seem intimidating at first, its steepness allows boarders to ride it in a continuous stream of adrenaline-inducing tricks and turns.

Any surfer willing to take on this Munich icon will find themselves clinging on for dear life as they achieve new heights in their surfing prowess and create unforgettable memories along the way!

Munich Hidden Gems

Attend the Knights Tournament

Munich is full of fascinating hidden gems, and attending the Knights Tournament is one experience that won't soon be forgotten. This traditional tournament consists of a jousting match between two brave knights, as well as other support activities like sword fights, falconry displays, and authentic feasting.

Those who attend will be able to watch the action from close-up; the tournament takes place in Munich's Olympic Park and attendees can hear swords clashing from their seats. Munich holds nothing back when hosting this legendary event – it is truly a captivating experience for all attendees!

Munich Hidden Gems


Munich is a city full of hidden gems, including the Isarbräu beer hall. Located in Munich's old town district, this distinctive hall boasts a unique atmosphere and an incredible range of flavorful beers. From light to dark, hoppy to malty, there is something on tap for everyone at the Isarbräu beer hall.

Not only does it offer a fantastic selection of beers, but the traditional Bavarian dishes served here are also mouthwateringly delicious - think steaming plates of pork knuckles or sausages slathered in Munich-style sweet mustard. With its traditional decor and cheerful atmosphere, Isarbräu is sure to be an inspiration for Munich visitors who want a true taste of Bavarian culture!

 Munich Hidden Gems


Munich, the famous German city known for its classic beer gardens and charming churches, is also home to some lesser-known hidden gems. One of these is Tiergarten, Munich's oldest public park. Over 400 acres of landscape feature sprawling greenswards and paths surrounded by historical buildings making it a sight to behold.

Whether you're looking for peace among nature or a vibrant cultural experience with events such as music festivals or fireworks displays taking place at regular intervals, Tiergarten provides an idyllic escape from city life. It's the perfect destination if you want to indulge in Munich's true beauty and experience something unique in this cherished Bavarian playground.

Munich Hidden Gems


Munich's Ostpark is a hidden gem that delights all who visit. The park is unique, boasting both a natural and horticulture garden, outdoor activities such as mini golf, and an adventure playground to entertain youngsters, plus the world-famous botanical gardens.

The park also offers something for the adults – panoramic views of Munich, café and restaurant amenities to enjoy, and plenty of areas perfect for picnics and other outdoor fun. On any given day, visitors can marvel at Germany's largest collection of tropical houseplants, sunbathe by the lake or take a stroll through the peaceful landscapes – each experience being one uniquely Munich-esque! Every season reveals something new in Ostpark, making it one of Munich's must-see hidden gems.

Munich Hidden Gems

Riemer See Area

Munich is famously known for its historical monuments, museums, and castles, however, it has so much more beyond the popular tourist attractions. Riemer See Area is a hidden gem in Munich, with its scenic paths by the lake and outdoor activities during warmer months.

The area offers a tranquil urban nature experience, where one can go for a morning jog or bike ride with views of Munich's incredible skyline. Riemer See Area also gives visitors a unique chance to escape into Munich's vibrant culture by visiting its picturesque beer gardens or dining at any of the local restaurants conveniently located around the lake's pathways.

Munich Hidden Gems


Munich is a gem with hidden gems of its own! Starnberg, one of Munich's most beautiful hidden gems, is a lake-side district located southwest of Munich. With a stunning view of Germany’s Alpine landscape and picturesque shores dotted with clear blue calm waters, the Lake Starnberg area is the perfect weekend escape for Munichers looking for some peace and harmony.


Here you can find endless outdoor activities, from sailing in the summer sunshine to kayaking in the crystal-clear cool waters. Yet perhaps it is not only outdoor activities that make this spot a favorite among Munichers: cultural sites such as the museum depicting King Ludwig II’s time are also found here. In other words, if you are searching for an amazing day out without leaving Munich – look no further than Starnberg.

Munich Hidden Gems


Ebersberg is Munich's hidden gem! Located in the eastern district of Munich and nestled against the river banks of the Isar, this charming town offers an array of outdoor activities. Take a stroll through the leafy alleys and feel time slow down as you go exploring its colorful attractions.

From Munich's oldest church to its brewery with over 500 years of history, Ebersberg has something for everybody wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of Munich. Discover breathtaking views, go paddle boarding on tranquil lake waters, or rest at one of Ebersberg's rare urban parks for a truly unforgettable Munich experience!

Munich Hidden Gems

Bavaria Filmstadt

Munich's Bavaria Filmstadt is the perfect spot to experience Munich's hidden gems. This film-studio walking tour gives visitors a unique insight into Munich's film and television industry, including many iconic sets and stages. Through this tour, you can explore some of Munich's most beloved film locations as well as get unparalleled access to working soundstages for major motion pictures.

Not only that, but Bavaria Filmstadt also offers exciting interactive learning experiences and engaging presentations about Munich’s engineering insights from real movie professionals. Its fun attractions showcase Munich's historic city center and its vibrant culture, making it a must-visit destination for anyone who loves film and culture!

Munich Hidden Gems

Haxnbauer Restaurant

Munich is known for its cultural vibrancy and abundance of hidden gems, including Haxnbauer Restaurant. This venerable establishment, located in Munich's city center, has stood the test of time as one of Munich's oldest establishments. Affectionately referred to by locals as "Haxn", this restaurant offers a unique dining experience like none other with an atmosphere that captures the essence of Munich's treasured Bavarian culture.

The stunning decorations and lively music are only topped by the fabulous food - guests will be amazed by the extensive menu offerings ranging from traditional Munich fairs to solid seafood dishes! Whether you're looking for a classic Munich experience or something a bit more unique, Haxnbauer Restaurant should be at the top of your list when visiting Munich.

Munich Hidden Gems

Ooh Baby I like it raw

Munich is often regarded as one of Europe's most beautiful capitals, with its impressive ornate architecture and refined style. But Munich also has its unique hidden gems that few people know about - like the amazing restaurant Ooh Baby I like it raw.

Located in Munich's vibrant and bustling Maxvorstadt district, this eatery is the perfect place to sample some deliciously creative vegan cuisine. The bright and colorful interior decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like you're eating out with old friends. With its casual yet sophisticated vibe, Ooh Baby I like it raw undoubtedly offers Munich visitors an inspiring culinary experience.

Munich Hidden Gems


Munich is a city full of hidden gems, and one of the best is Dachgarten. Located at the top of Munich's Olympic Tower, Dachgarten offers outstanding 360-degree views of Munich's beautiful skyline. It also provides a delightful ambiance with its accessible terrace coupled with a chic dining atmosphere.

Whether you want to take in the view with music or indulge in some delicious food and drinks, Dachgarden has something for everyone. Visitors will be mesmerized by Munich's gorgeous skyline overlooking this historical city. Dachgarten is a must-see for anyone looking for an inspiring experience in Munich!

Munich Hidden Gems

M´uniqo Rooftop

Bavaria's biggest rooftop bar M´uniqo Rooftop in Munich, has quickly become a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. Situated high atop the city's skyline, patrons can enjoy majestic views of Munich while indulging in deliciously unique cocktails concocted by experienced mixologists.

Unless you're brave enough to explore its full list of offerings—most decided between the French Spritz and Spanish Mule—there is an ever-rotating selection of draft beers that changes daily. With comfortable seating and plenty of greenery, visitors are sure to appreciate its pleasant atmosphere and lively background music which pleasantly complement their lovely experience at this hotspot.

Munich Hidden Gems

Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows in Munich is a large public park located in the Bavarian capital. Offering plenty of activities and attractions, it is an idyllic spot for visitors and locals alike to explore. A prominent feature of the park is its sprawling meadows – perfect for outdoor recreation and leisure activities such as picnicking or birdwatching.

Bike paths, playgrounds, and skating rinks are additional attractions that Flushing Meadows has to offer. With ponds, bridges, and other beautiful natural features, the park provides a wonderful backdrop for memorable photographs. There’s also a wide variety of beer gardens scattered throughout Flushing Meadows where one can relax after a long day of exploring this tranquil oasis in Munich.

Munich Hidden Gems

Exploring Munich doesn't have to be a chore - it can also be a revelation. You just need to know which secrets are hidden in plain sight. From incredible street art and botanical gardens to underground venues and legendary breweries, Munich has something for everyone.

Once you uncover all its hidden gems, you'll never look at the city or your travels the same ever again. Now that we've revealed our top 20 best-kept secrets of Munich, it's time for you to go out and explore!

We suggest getting started with one of our decks of cards filled with 50 fun ideas that you can use while in Munich. Whatever you do, don't let any more time pass without experiencing this city's mesmerizing secrets - you won't regret it!

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