8 Secret Spots Porto

8 Secret Spots in Porto that not every tourist knows about

As a tourist in the beautiful city of Porto, it can often be overwhelming trying to figure out where to go and what to see. While there are certainly many well-known attractions in the city, there are also some hidden gems that not every tourist may know about. Here are eight secret spots in Porto that are definitely worth checking out:


  1. Take a tour of the Conservas Pinhais factory

Secret Spot Porto Travel

One unique experience in Porto is a tour of the Conservas Pinhais factory, where they have been producing canned seafood delicacies since 1853. Watch as they use traditional methods to prepare specialties like tuna, sardines, and octopus - and don't forget to sample some at the end of the tour!

  1. Visit the Observatório Astronómico de Gaia

Secret Spot Porto Night

The Observatório Astronómico de Gaia offers stunning views the Douro River from its rooftop terrace, as well as informative astronomy exhibits inside. Visit the Observatório Astronómico de Gaia  for a unique perspective on the night sky. Located on a hilltop with beautiful views of Porto, this observatory offers public viewing nights as well as educational programs for astronomy enthusiasts.

  1. Stroll through Cantinho das Aromáticas

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Cantinho das Aromáticas is a botanical garden filled with fragrant herbs and plants used in Portuguese cuisine. The garden also features an outdoor kitchen and offers cooking classes for those interested in learning more about local ingredients and dishes.

  1. Immerse yourself in Portugal's rich history of puppetry at Museu das Marionetas

Secret Spot Porto Funny

The Museu das Marionetas houses a vast collection of traditional Portuguese puppets, with performances occasionally held in their own small theater. Museu das Marionetas houses an impressive collection of handcrafted marionettes from all over the world dating back to the 17th century. Don't miss their puppet shows performed by skilled artisans!

  1. Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Porto at Quinta de Villar d'Allen

Secret Spot Porto Garden

The Quinta de Villar d’Allen is a peaceful oasis just outside of Porto. A beautiful estate with lush gardens that were once home to aristocratic families. Spend an afternoon strolling through the gardens or enjoying tea at the on-site café.

  1. Explore Portuguese artist Fernando de Castro's life and work at Casa Museu Fernando de Castro

Secret Spot Porto House

The Casa Museu Fernando de Castro displays the personal art collection of its namesake, including works by Picasso and Miró. Fernando de Castro’s former residence turned into a museum showcasing some of his sketches, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures.

  1. Sample delicious vegan and vegetarian fare at Cultura dos Sabores restaurant

Secret Spot Porto Food

The Cultura dos Sabores is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant which sources its ingredients from local producers and sustainable farms while also offering cooking workshops focused on plant-based cuisine.

  1. Indulge in high tea or brunch at Rota do Chá Brunch Bar

Secret Spot Porto Pastries

Rota do Chá Brunch Bar offers a unique tea-inspired menu, as well as workshops on tea culture and tasting sessions for visitors to learn more about this ancient beverage. This is a unique place in Porto, where you can sip on traditional teas from around the world alongside homemade pastries and savory dishes inspired by Portuguese flavors.

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