Traditional Asian Dishes

15 most Traditional Asian Dishes you should try

Are you a fan of traditional Asian cuisine? If so, there is no shortage of amazing dishes to choose from! From sushi and sashimi in Japan to pho and spring rolls in Vietnam, traditional Asian dishes are truly unique and delectable.

Are you a fan of traditional Asian cuisine? If so, there is no shortage of amazing dishes to choose from! From sushi and sashimi in Japan to pho and spring rolls in Vietnam, traditional Asian dishes are truly unique and delectable. To help celebrate the incredible flavors of traditional Asia, we have compiled a list of the 15 most traditional asian dishes that you simply must try! From Chinese stir-fries to Korean Bibimbap, these classic recipes will tantalize your taste buds and take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. So get ready for an adventure through traditional Asian cuisine - the world's most delicious fare awaits!

Let’s start exploring traditional Asian recipes:

Peking Roasted Duck - China

Peking Roasted Duck from China is one of the most traditional Asian dishes and a must-try for any cuisine adventurer. The crispy and savory duck skin will entice your sense of taste, while the juicy meat compliments perfectly with the crunchy texture. Best enjoyed with Chinese pancakes, spring onions, and sweet bean sauce, it's no wonder why this dish has been around in China since the 10th century. A true classic that brings out the best flavors of Chinese cuisine, Peking Roasted Duck deserves to be given a special place in any food lover's heart.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Nasi Goreng - Indonesia

Nasi Goreng from Indonesia is one of the most traditional asian dishes that still stand strong after centuries! Residents of Indonesia have been crafting masterpieces with this dish for generations, passing down their closely held family recipes and techniques. Nasi Goreng provides an explosion of taste in every bite, sure to keep you coming back for more. With its use of fresh ingredients like garlic, ginger root, turmeric, and tamarind; it's no wonder that this savory dish has succeeded turning foodies into new fans of Indonesian cuisine. It will surely leave you with a lasting mouth-watering impression.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Sushi  - Japan

Sushi from Japan is one of the most traditional of Asian dishes. Its combinations of flavors and textures are often so inspiring and remarkable, that it has become a global phenomenon. Prepared with fish (sometimes raw) on top of vinegared rice mixed with assorted vegetables, fish eggs, nori seaweed and other condiments, this magnificent dish combines history with modernity. Most sushi chefs take pride in respect for the traditional culture behind their craft – thus enabling them to create consistently exceptional dishes time after time, something that only Japanese cuisine can offer in terms of elegance, sophistication and innovation.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Masala dosa - India

A Masala Dosa from India is undoubtedly one of the most traditional Asian dishes, yet still has a flavour that stands out. Hailing from the southern parts of India, this savoury crêpe is absolutely packed with flavour, thanks to a combination of potatoes and spices that offer quite a balanced taste sensation. From turmeric to cumin to coriander, each bite is as satisfying as the last. Such an iconic dish is also incredibly versatile, allowing cooks of all ability levels to put their own spin on it by playing around with how spicy or mild it can end up being. Enjoyed in India for centuries, enjoy Masala Dosa today if you haven't already and bask in the tasty delight that this classic dish offers!

Traditional Asian Dishes

Kimchi - South Korea

Kimchi dosa is one of the most traditional and beloved Asian dishes originating from South Korea. This flavor-packed dish is a fusion of Indian and Korean cuisines, made using fermented cabbage called kimchi, a spicy accompaniment to many traditional Korean dishes. While this classic dish can take time to perfect, it's often worth the effort due to its mouth-watering texture and delicious flavors that elevate it beyond other Asian cuisine delights. When done right, Kimchi will transport you back to the streets of Seoul no matter where you are in the world.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Khoresh-e ghormeh sabzi - Iran

Khoresh-e ghormeh sabzi is one of the most traditional dishes from Iran that has daily and ritual use. Depending on the region, the ingredients may vary slightly but most commonly include fresh parsley and coriander, vegetables such as spinach, courgettes, chives that act as a background to mix with kidney beans and dried lemons, spices such as turmeric and cityscape garlic. Although this dish requires some preparation time in order to achieve its perfect blend of tastes, the results are definitely rewarding. The beautiful blend of natural aromatic flavors will surely inspire you throughout your meal!

Traditional Asian Dishes

Shawarma - United Arab Emirates

Shawarma, one of the most traditional dishes from the United Arab Emirates, is an incredibly tantalizing and versatile dish that has long been a favorite among Middle Easterners. It’s a unique combination of marinated meats, fresh vegetables and pickles that are cooked to perfection on a vertical rotisserie. The result is truly remarkable - loaded with flavor, it is no wonder shawarma has been enjoyed for centuries as both a comforting and delicious meal. Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or a main course, Shawarma stands out as one of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes with its zesty flavors and savory texture. Whether you’ve had it before or are trying it for the first time, Shawarma from UAE will leave your taste buds delighted!

Traditional Asian Dishes

Pad Thai - Thailand 

Pad Thai is one of the most beloved and well-known dishes in the entire Asian cuisine. Originating from Thailand, this traditional dish showcases the delicate balance between the sweet, salty and sour flavors that make it so irresistible. Its harmony of soft noodles and crunchy vegetables adds to its exotic charm. Most importantly though, Pad Thai captures what it truly means to be part of a rich and varied tradition of Eastern cooking — namely that each bite will bring you one step closer to discovering something new about Asian culture you never knew before.


Traditional Asian Dishes

Falafel - Israel

Falafel is a staple dish in Israeli cuisine and holds a special place in the hearts of many Israelis. Most traditional Asian dishes are closely guarded family recipes, but Falafel has something for everyone - an open invitation to experiment, personalize, and enjoy! It's no wonder that adding Falafel to meal time is an easy way to add some wonderful flavor and cultural diversity. The savory fritter made from ground chickpeas or fava beans is full of flavor, heavenly aromatics, and satisfying texture. This delectable dish will leave your tastebuds dancing with joy! Try it today to experience the true taste of Israel. 

Traditional Asian Dishes

Sweet and Sour Pork - Hong Kong

Sweet and Sour Pork is an iconic Hong Kong dish that has been around for over a century. Most traditional Asian dishes are known to be bold in flavor, and this one is no exception. Sweet and Sour Pork stands out with its combination of syrupy sweetness alongside a citrusy kick of tartness, making it utterly delicious. The quality ingredients such as fresh pork, bell peppers, onions, ginger, and pineapple create a tantalizing texture with layers of complexity in taste. Every bite offers a burst of flavors you can’t resist! There's no wonder why this classic Sweet and Sour Pork dish is still enjoyed today - it’s truly a food worthy of being celebrated. 

Traditional Asian Dishes

Mohinga - Myanmar

Mohinga is a beloved and traditional dish of Myanmar, considered by many locals to be one of the most traditional and savory dishes in all of Asia. This dish comes in the form of a savory fish-based soup which serves as a staple breakfast food for people of Myanmar. It is often served with an array of ingredients, such as boiled peas, steamed fishcake, and various herbs and spices. Every family has their own variation or recipe to make Mohinga truly unique and delicious. Not only is it incredibly delicious, but it’s also incredibly easy to make - giving you the best of both worlds! Surround yourself with the delectable smell and flavor that is Mohinga and experience a taste like no other.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Nasi Lemak - Malaysia

Nasi lemak is another remarkable Asian dish, especially in Malaysia. This delicious dish consists of fragrant steamed rice cooked with coconut cream and pandan leaves and is typically served with accompaniments such as anchovies, cucumber slices, hard-boiled eggs, peanuts, chili paste and more. It is a gastronomic delight that ignites all your senses with its flavorsome and aromatic ingredients. Whether you like it spicy or mild, nasi lemak can be enjoyed at any time of day. Its versatility allows people to create their own interpretation of nasi lemak by adding their favorite toppings and sides, making it truly an inspirational dish.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Biryani - Pakistan

Called "the king of all dishes" in the Asian cuisine, Biryani from Pakistan is a delectable rice-based dish that has mesmerized foodies for centuries. It is considered one of the most traditional Asian dishes with its rich flavor and many spices. Striking the perfect balance between complex layers of flavors, spices, and aromas, this mouthwatering dish will surely tantalize your taste buds leaving you wanting more! Its steaming hot aroma can make anyone hungry, no matter where you are. If you have never tried it before, do not wait any longer and give Biryani a try! 

Traditional Asian Dishes

Hilsa (or ilish) curry - Bangladesh

For the adventurous food enthusiast, there's no better place to start their journey than trying the traditional Hilsa Curry from Bangladesh. This is one of the most iconic dishes in Asian cuisine, exciting the taste buds of locals and travellers alike with its tantalizing blend of spices. It's not too hot, but definitely brings some heat: what it lacks in chili intensity, it more than makes up for in flavor. The combination of mustard seed oil, turmeric, onion and ginger creates a deep savor that quickly becomes addicting. Most importantly though, it captures a sense of tradition that few other dishes can match. For anyone looking to taste something truly unique from this part of the world, Hilsa Curry should be atop your list!

Traditional Asian Dishes

Bun Cha - Vietnam

Bun Cha is a traditional dish from Vietnam that has been around since the 1500s. There are few Asian dishes as old and steeped in culture as Bun Cha. This delicious plate comprises of grilled pork, vermicelli noodles and a sweet, homemade sauce. All these elements combine to produce a dish that is as flavorful as it is inspiring – locals in Hanoi have been enjoying this classic for centuries. Most importantly however, Bun Cha serves as an invitation to explore the richness behind Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

Traditional Asian Dishes

These traditional Asian dishes are just a few of the many tantalizing culinary experiences Asia has to offer. From traditional breakfast soups to age-old grilled delights, there’s no shortage of traditional and inspiring dishes to try. No matter which one you choose, each dish will surely leave an unforgettable mark on your palate! So don’t hesitate and embark on a truly unique journey.

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