Brussels Hidden Gems

12 Brussels Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

Are you someone who loves to explore beyond the beaten path and delve deeper into a destination? If so, then Brussels is the perfect choice for your next vacation.

Are you someone who loves to explore beyond the beaten path and delve deeper into a destination? If so, then Brussels is the perfect choice for your next vacation. Awaiting your discovery are charming cobblestone alleyways, hidden cafés offering delicious Belgian delicacies, and world-class landmarks – all steeped in culture and history. But with so much to see in such a small city, it can be difficult to know where to begin! To ensure you make the most of this vibrant capital city on your visit, use our guide below of some of Brussels’ best-kept gems as inspiration for what not to miss when exploring this bustling European metropolis.

Scavenger hunt for Belgian Comic Book Murals

Exploring Brussels is a great way to immerse yourself in Belgian culture, and visiting some of the iconic comic book murals is an excellent activity for those visiting the city. A scavenger hunt for these classic pieces of art is a fantastic way to learn more about Belgium's long-standing tradition of comic artists while visiting its capital city. Stroll the boulevards, parks, back alleys, and other attractions in search of bright colors and creative compositions featuring famous characters like Tintin, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, Lucky Luke, and Suske & Wiske. Follow the markers on the route map and you will be dazzled by shimmering masterpieces of Belgian pop culture that are sure to capture your imagination. Have a marvelous time visiting Brussels while learning about its vibrant comic book history!

Brussels Hidden Gems

The Comic Book Museum

If you're looking for what to do in Brussels, then look no further than the Comic Book Museum. Located in the heart of the city, this incredible museum allows visitors to explore a wide array of comic book art and history from around the world.

From classic Belgian works to contemporary Japanese manga, it's all here at this amazing museum. Not only is it a great way to experience comics on a whole new level, but it's also an inspiring journey through the incredibly diverse styles and stories that have created this beloved art form. Whether you're a long-time fan or visiting for the first time, The Comic Book Museum in Brussels is sure to astound and delight!

Brussels Hidden Gems

The Villa Empain (Boghossian Foundation)

Brussels is one of the most popular destinations in Belgium and what better way to explore its illustrious history than by visiting the Villa Empain (Boghossian Foundation). This unique villa features an impressive collection of modern and contemporary artwork, artworks from different cultures and civilizations, as well as a library of rare books.

Through regional and international exhibitions, visitors are exposed to fascinating dialogues about modern-day issues such as economic disparities and environmental sustainability. The inspiring stories in the museum provide something for everyone – from curious tourists to history buffs alike. The villa also offers guided tours so visitors can maximize their time learning about this historic site. For those looking for what to do in Brussels, be sure to visit the Villa Empain (Boghossian Foundation) – it is truly a must-see!

Brussels Hidden Gems

Fashion & Lace Museum

The Fashion & Lace Museum in Brussels is a must-see for anyone looking for what to do in Brussels. With its ever-changing exhibits, this museum offers a comprehensive look into what sets the fashion world abuzz with new styles and trends. Located in the culturally-rich city of Brussels, this enchanting museum allows visitors to step into the world of lace and learn about its origins, history, and secrets.

Dive into a rich environment filled with interactive exhibits, seminars, and educational activities that provide insight into the complexity of lace weaving and embroidery. Step into the realm of this museum and be mesmerized by exquisite lace patterns from all over Europe, as well as clothes from designers from across the globe, brought to life before your eyes. Whether you are looking for a stroll through history or getting your hands dirty in some exciting workshops, a visit to the The Fashion & Lace Museum promises something for everyone. It's an inspiring experience that should garner admiration from every one of its visitors.

Brussels Hidden Gems

Rue du Bailli

If you're looking for something unique to to do in Brussels, then don't miss the chance to indulge in a shopping spree on Rue du Bailli! This wonderful old street in the heart of Brussels is home to some of the best independent fashion boutiques, art galleries, and other stores.

Whether you're into high-end fashion or prefer vintage boutiques, you can find what your heart desires here. Shopping on this street allows you to purchase one-of-a-kind items and explore what the city of Brussels has to offer without breaking the bank. Strolling along this bustling Avenue, take a break and enjoy gourmet food and drinks from the fantastic restaurants. Shop til you drop at Rue du Bailli - it's an unforgettable experience that will add an extra sparkle to your time in Brussels!

Brussels Hidden Gems

The Sablon

Visiting Brussels is an unforgettable experience, and visiting the Sablon neighborhood should be at the top of everyone's list. Go antique shopping in the Sablon to uncover a treasure trove of incredible finds! As one of Europe's most renowned antique markets, visiting this bustling district has something for everyone - from rare books to vintage fashion items available for purchase. Here, you'll get the chance to immerse yourself in centuries-old history and admire art pieces from various collections spread throughout the district. You may even stumble upon a hidden gem that you could never have imagined existed!

Get ready to spend hours rummaging through old finds with a glass of Belgian beer in hand – you never know what amazing treasures could be waiting around the corner!

There's no doubt that visiting the Sablon and going antique shopping will be a unique trip that's sure to leave you with long-lasting memories.

Brussels Hidden Gems

Marolles Flea Market

Visiting Brussels often means visiting well-known landmarks, like the European Parliament and the Atomium. But visiting the Marolles Flea Market offers an entirely different experience – it's worth a visit whether you want to shop or just wander around.

Located near the city center, it is an outdoor market full of fascinating finds: vintage furniture, antiques, art, jewelry, and various knick-knacks. It is a great place to pick up souvenirs or find something unique that you can take home with you. In addition to its wonderful selection of items, visiting the flea market is also an amazing opportunity to wander around one of the oldest districts in Brussels and soak in its centuries-old atmosphere.

Stroll through the vibrant stalls full of wonderful old treasures, browse beautiful handmade jewelry and crafts, or savor delicious local foods while listening to cheerful street musicians – visiting this lively flea market is a real treat! With every visit you are sure to find something unique that you can't buy anywhere else in Brussels; it will add its special charm to your trip for years to come.

Brussels Hidden Gems

Pink Chocolate At Mary’s

For the ultimate sweet escape, there's nothing quite like what Mary's has to offer in Brussels. If you're what to do in this Belgian city, why not try Pink Chocolate? This inventive treat is served exclusively at Mary's, and it's a unique experience that you won't want to miss.

Enjoy this creative concoction by indulging in the creamy vanilla center surrounded by a blend of pink chocolates and rosewater flavors. Whether for yourself or someone special, don't forget to try Pink Chocolate when you visit Brussels. It'll be an experience you won't soon forget!

Brussels Hidden Gems

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Have the best desserts at Chouconut

If travel brings you to the majestic city of Brussels, take a moment to visit one of the city's best-kept secrets, Chouconut. This beloved bakery is famous for its decadent and delicious desserts. Every item on the menu is handmade by people passionate about the art of confectionery and their dedication shines through in the final product.

Not only will this bakery fill your heart with its homemade pastries, but it also has performances from local artists as well! Sample some of their delicious desserts ranging from croissants to chocolate tartlets for a true Culinary experience that no travel diary should be without. Chouconut is more than just an incredible bakery—it's an unforgettable experience you'll travel back for time and time again.

Brussels Hidden Gems

Croquettes At Le Comptoir à Croquer Flagey

Those looking to get a unique dining experience in Brussels should look no further than Le Comptoir à Croquer Flagey. This restaurant specializes in croquettes, and their delicious and unique creations have quickly become the talk of the town. The restaurant prides itself on using only quality, fresh ingredients, ensuring that every bite will be bursting with flavor.

Whether you are craving savory or sweet, they have something for everyone so that you can tantalize your taste buds without having to travel too far. So next time you travel to Brussels, make sure you don't forget to sample some of the delectable offerings at Le Comptoir à Croquer Flagey!

Brussels Hidden Gems

Le Pantins Bar

If you're a beer lover, travel to Brussels and visit Le Pantins for the ultimate Belgian beer experience. This bar has over 400 types of Belgian beer! You'll be hard-pressed to find a better beer-tasting experience in the world. Spanning from tasteful blondes and malty brown ales to fruity beers and sweet Lambics, all of your wildest dreams about Belgian beer will come true when visiting this incredible spot in Brussels. Located in the city center, this vibrant establishment is guaranteed to have something to satisfy your taste buds.

A wide selection of Trappist-brewed beers from all over Belgium can be found on their impressive drinks menu. Sample an Abbey White for its sweet and mildly spicy flavors or test a unique Saison with its light notes of citrus and herbs. No matter what type of beer you choose, you'll be sure to have an unforgettable time at Le Pantins!

Brussels Hidden Gems

Brussels is a city with something for everyone. From its secret gardens to its stunning architecture, there's something new and exciting to explore every day! Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a solo adventure, Brussels has plenty of hidden gems that will bring out the explorer in you. If you are looking for more inspiration make sure to check one of our decks of cards with 50 fun travel ideas, each will make it it easy to have an adventurous time and be inspired when visiting Brussels. Be sure to take time out and explore the hidden beauty this wonderful city has to offer!

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