Venice Hidden Gems

15 Venice Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

If you're planning a trip to this enchanting destination anytime soon, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of secret gems waiting to be discovered! So if you’re looking for unique experiences beyond the usual sights, prepare yourself for an adventure as we reveal some of Venice’s best-kept secrets and hidden gems!

Exploring Venice is like entering a dream with its stunning canals, hidden alleyways, and rich history; it's no wonder why the city is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

If you're planning a trip to this enchanting destination anytime soon, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of secret gems waiting to be discovered! So if you’re looking for unique experiences beyond the usual sights, prepare yourself for an adventure as we reveal some of Venice’s best-kept secrets and hidden gems—from strange bookstores tucked away inside forgotten cloisters to spectacular sunsets along lesser-known bridges.

Explore these 15 astonishing places in Venice and create unforgettable memories during your next voyage!

San Francesco della Vigna

Visiting San Francesco della Vigna in Venice is an awe-inspiring experience! This magnificent church was built in the 16th century and its facade has a beautiful late Renaissance style. San Francesco della Vigna contains many works of art by great illustrious artists, like Titian, who painted the altarpiece for the main altar.

Inside, you will also find sculptures by Sansovino, Tullio Lombardo, and Bartolomeo Bon. It is truly breathtaking to admire these works in their natural setting! Even more captivating are the frescos and vibrant paintings of Venetian life found throughout the chapel and monastery.

Venice Hidden Gems

Campo San Maurizio

Visiting Venice for the first time is an experience you'll never forget. Exploring Campo San Maurizio is a must-see while in the city - it's one of the oldest and quaintest districts in Venice, boasting atmospheric cobbled squares, charming cafés, and some of the best-preserved Renaissance architecture in Venice.

Walking around Campo San Maurizio will certainly make you feel like you've stepped back in time, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in Venetian culture and get a feel for what makes this city such a special place. Here, you can sample delicious Italian pastries while admiring the sun-drenched squares surrounded by ancient palazzi, an experience that no visitor to Venice should miss.

Venice Hidden Gems

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Visiting Venice wouldn’t be complete without a tour of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo. The beautiful stonework exterior hides an even more impressive interior. On the roof, you’ll find breathtaking spiral staircases that wrap to the center in a helix-like shape and lead you to the terrace.

From here, you can take in views of all of Venice - a truly inspiring experience that might give you new perspectives on the art, history, and culture of this iconic city. Whether exploring for yourself or with an experienced guide, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo can offer unforgettable memories when visiting Venice.

Venice Hidden Gems

Gelatoteca SuSo

If you’re visiting Venice, delicious and traditional gelato should indeed be at the top of your to-do list. Gelatoteca SuSo serves up some mouth-watering flavors in a welcoming atmosphere. Established in 1921, this gem of a gelateria is committed to utilizing old-world traditional recipes that use nothing but the freshest ingredients to create truly scrumptious confections.
Each small-batch flavor is delicately crafted with love and passion and guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of any ice cream lover. Located in the heart of Venice, this gelateria offers aromatic spumoni, tart sorbets, and indulgent flavors like dark chocolate amarena cherries with cocoa nibs.

With every bite of their freshly made gelato, you’ll feel as if you’re sampling a little piece of Italian history! All of their ingredients are locally sourced for the utmost freshness and flavor quality.

Venice Hidden Gems

Dorsoduro Area

Visiting Venice can be a truly unique experience with gorgeous architecture, historical landmarks, and the sensational Dorsoduro area. With a unique combination of art, culture, and history, the area offers an unforgettable journey through time. The Dorsoduro is the third largest of the six districts in Venice and overflows with natural beauty.

From spanning canals lined with charming gondolas to an abundance of outdoor artwork ranging from Carpaccio’s masterpiece at Santa Maria della Salute to contemporary art installations, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant part of town. Aside from its beauty, the culture and lifestyle of this area bring wonderful vibrancy and life to the streets. From restaurants offering mouth-watering Italian dishes to artisanal crafts featured on nearly every corner, visitors get an authentic glimpse into the rich history of this timeless destination.

Venice Hidden Gems

San Giorgio Maggiore

Visiting Venice is an unparalleled experience. The majestic city is home to breathtaking canals, charming gondolas, and iconic architecture. One of the most remarkable sites to be found in Venice is San Giorgio Maggiore. This awe-inspiring basilica was designed by Andrea Palladio and built between 1566 and 1610. It stands atop a small island known as the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, offering majestic views of the Canal Grande.

The architecture is truly one of a kind; the impressive facade boasts twelve domed bell towers, two Latin crosses on top, and colossal engravings that wrap around the building like ribbons. San Giorgio Maggiore serves as a brilliant reminder of the history and grandeur of Venice.

Venice Hidden Gems


Visiting Venice is a unique and inspiring experience! Located on the Grand Canal and nestled within the arches of a 16th Century palace, Ca’Macana masks school is an amazing destination that should not be missed. Founded in 1969 by Erminio Ferrari, they manage to keep the Venetian mask-making tradition alive.

With centuries-old Venetian techniques, Erminio Ferrari creates beautiful masterpieces that adorn the walls and stands of his renowned atelier in Venice. The atelier itself is stunning, with sunlit rooms adorned with elaborate and ornate decorations. With sketchbooks full of designs, materials from all over the world, and intricate handiwork, this is an experience for any traveler who wishes to explore traditional Italian craftsmanship. Visitors will come away inspired by the dedication of every artisan employed at Ca’Macana Masks School and with pieces that capture the essence of one of Italy's most beloved art forms.

Venice Hidden Gems

Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour

Visiting the majestic Doge’s Palace in Venice is an exciting experience made even more spectacular when you embark on a journey of exploration through the palace's Secret Itineraries Tour. The two-and-a-half-hour guided excursion will take you to parts of the palace that are not open to the general public, as well as delving into some of its most captivating secrets. You'll get an opportunity to view hidden chambers, secretive passageways, and secret archives. Follow in the footsteps of infamous figures like Casanova, who once passed through these very halls.

This exclusive tour allows visitors to peer into the past and gain an insight into the Venetian government’s secrets and mysteries. From secret stairways to hidden passages, this extraordinary journey delves deep into the palace’s intriguing history and unravels its intriguing secrets, giving you a one-of-a-kind perspective of this remarkable Italian city.

Venice Hidden Gems

GLAM at Palazzo Venart

Visiting Venice is an opportunity to witness the grandeur of a city steeped in history, but with its modern-day Palace - Palazzo Venart , it's also become a place for guests to revel in a symbiotic celebration of art and fashion. Part gallery, part boutique, Palazzo Venart proudly displays its gallery of artwork punctuated with designer clothes and accessories. With its imaginative selection of pieces from upcoming Italian designers, the venue is known for offering guests an exclusive glimpse into the GLAM movement alive and well in Venice today.

From its rich interiors to its lush outdoor gardens, the sumptuousness of Palazzo Venart is incomparable. Guests can marvel at all sorts of exquisite artwork - from precious murals dating back to fifteenth-century frescoes to sleek neoclassical baroque stuccos and sculptures.

A visit to this palatial estate will make you feel at one with the Venetian culture while immersing yourself in the city’s latest artistic renaissance. 

Venice Hidden Gems

Enrica Rocca Cookery School

Visiting Venice and taking a cooking class at Enrica Rocca Cookery School is an experience of a lifetime. This unique establishment boasts world-renowned instructor, Enrica Rocca, whose teachings are both educational and inspiring. The recipes you learn to prepare to offer a broad spectrum of traditional Italian culinary dishes from light and healthy to hearty, sumptuous regional favorites – perfect for any palate.

Each course prepares students to go on their journey and create meals that not only look gorgeous but also taste divine! Whether you're a connoisseur or just starting to explore the wonders of cuisine, you'll leave here with more than just a full stomach – you'll gain the confidence to recreate Venetian meals in your own home that will impress even the fussiest of foodies! 

Venice Hidden Gems

The Bridge with No Parapet

Visiting Venice is an incredible experience, and exploring The Bridge with No Parapet is an experience unlike any other. This unique 16th-century bridge stands 158ft tall, so visitors can get a bird's eye view of the city below. Although the bridge was originally built with a metal parapet, it collapsed and was then rebuilt without it - earning its current name.

During the day, the impressive view of surrounding buildings coupled with beautiful Renaissance artwork on the walls of the bridge makes for an inspirational atmosphere. At night, couples can walk beneath its brick archway while watching gondolas drift silently through the water.

Venice Hidden Gems

All’Arco Cicchetti

Visiting Venice is a unique experience and part of that experience is finding a special spot to relax and savor Italian cuisine. All’Arco cicchetti in Venice is the perfect place to do just that. Located near the iconic Rialto bridge, this charming little wine bar offers up delightful traditional Venetian snacks like ventresca, fried cod empanadas, and tasty olives as bar bites.

These delicacies are paired with classic Italian wines for an authentic experience unlike any other. All’Arco cicchetti is more than just good food; it's an inviting atmosphere filled with thick Venetian accents from locals. Stop by the next time you're exploring this magical city for a truly remarkable experience.

Venice Hidden Gems

VizioVirtù Cioccolatieri

There is nothing quite like visiting the magical city of Venice and experiencing VizioVirtù Cioccolatieri. This artisanal chocolate maker will take your taste buds on a journey of delight, offering up exquisite handmade treats for you and your friends.

Made just off Venice's Grand Canal and open late into the night, VizioVirtù Cioccolatieri stands out amongst the Venetian chocolatiers as its passionate team of makers creates products that reflect the beautiful history and culture of the city. Visiting this heavenly place will leave you wanting more each time, it is a must-visit when in Venice!

Venice Hidden Gems

Libreria Acqua Alta

Visiting Venice for any traveler is a unique and inspiring experience, with its iconic canals, art-filled bridges, and centuries of history. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all is Libreria Acqua Alta, one of Europe’s richest secondhand bookshops. Located in the city center near St Mark’s Square, this gem of a bookshop offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience like no other.

Inside the selling hall, you'll find books up to five meters high, stacked up against shelves that are located right next to the colorful gondolas passing through the shop's canal – you could almost forget you were in Venice!

Everything is so beautiful and inviting, it's no wonder why people from all corners of the world come here to borrow a much-needed book and be inspired by their visit.

Venice Hidden Gems

Venice Rooftop Panoramic View

Visiting Venice is truly a unique experience, but the best view of the city can be seen from the rooftop panoramic view. From up here, looking out over the red-tiled rooftops, stretching to the horizon, you won't find yourself short of breathtakingly beautiful views and some truly stunning sunsets. The vibrant colors of this old city come alive on clear evenings with magic that can only be experienced from high above in Venice's sky.

From up here you can feel all of the history, culture, and energy that has been here for centuries, seemingly mesmerizing you forever. Take time to enjoy your time in Venice and make sure to climb up to get a glimpse of its amazing rooftop panoramic view.

Venice Hidden Gems

Remember to take your time while exploring beautiful Venice, and maybe even take a few detours to find one of these 15 hidden gems. Your travel will be even more meaningful when you can pick up on these interesting pieces of culture and history that might have gone unnoticed.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and dive into the richness of the Venetian experience that many never get to see. Let your curiosity lead the way and don’t ever settle for less than those special memories.

And if you want an extra bit of help with finding things each day, why not try out our deck of cards filled with 50 fun ideas to explore in Venice? You are sure to get plenty of insight and inspiration from this pocket-sized guide! No matter what your plans may be, always strive to make them an unforgettable adventure full of beauty and discovery.

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