Florence Hidden Gems

15 Florence Hidden Gems and best-kept secrets

Are you looking to explore the breathtaking beauty of Florence from a new, one-of-a-kind perspective?

Whether you've visited Florence before or it's your first foray into this beautiful Italian city, there is so much more to uncover here than what meets the eye.

Are you looking to explore the breathtaking beauty of Florence from a new, one-of-a-kind perspective?

Whether you've visited Florence before or it's your first foray into this beautiful Italian city, there is so much more to uncover here than what meets the eye.

From secret side streets full of tiny trattorias serving up traditional Tuscan dishes to unexpected outdoor markets where locals shop for ingredients every day - these are the spots that can turn a regular trip into an extraordinary experience. Keep reading to discover 20 wonderful Florence hidden gems and best-kept secrets that will help make your stay in this breathtakingly beautiful city unforgettable! 

Cappella dei Magi

The Cappella dei Magi in Florence is a stunning sacred space, steeped in history, where you can truly appreciate what Florence has to offer. Located in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, this picturesque room was like a work of art before it even had its frescoes! Built-in the 15th century by Benozzo Gozzoli and his workshop, the chapel is dressed in beautiful vibrant colors and impressive artwork that dates back nearly 600 years ago.

Even if you are not religious or don’t know much about art history, a visit to the Cappella dei Magi will still leave you feeling inspired as you take in its architectural beauty and learn what a spectacular place Florence is. It's no surprise why this historic building is one of the must-see places for any traveler, what with what it has to offer and what it teaches about classic Renaissance style.

Florence Hidden Gems

Basilica of Santo Spirito

Visiting the Basilica of Santo Spirito in Florence should be on everyone's itinerary if they are looking for what to do in Florence. Built-in 1444, this Renaissance-style church boasts sandy-colored stone exteriors, massive ornate wooden doors, and detailed carvings within. Though its interior might seem austere, it is what lies beneath the surface that makes it so special. Inside the sacristy is a treasure trove of artwork and artifacts from the 16th Century Florentine School including masters such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Lippi.

This wonderful discovery adds another layer of appreciation to what visitors experience when they walk through its ancient doors. It also serves as an important religious landmark for locals, hosting regular masses attended by people from near and far. When visitors walk through its doors, what awaits is a welcoming sanctuary that provides peace and solace for those seeking respite from their travels. 

Florence Hidden Gems


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Bardini Gardens

For what to do in Florence, one must visit the breathtakingly beautiful Bardini Gardens! Nestled away in the hills of Florence, this beautiful garden was once home to Stefano Bardini, a renowned nineteenth-century art dealer. Today, it is the perfect destination to spend a leisurely afternoon what to do in Florence.

This gorgeous oasis of natural beauty is situated on a hillside behind Palazzo Pitti, offering a stunning panoramic view of Florence. The gardens feature winding pathways, picturesque lawns, terraced fountains and streams, and flourishing botanical gardens. Several historical statues with intriguing stories and symbolism are scattered throughout the garden grounds, adding to its historical charm. These expansive gardens not only provide a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but also offer a rich glimpse into Florence's long-standing history and culture for visitors who are looking for an inspiring adventure.

 Florence Hidden Gems


Visiting Florence is a magical experience and Orsanmichele should be at the top of every traveler’s must-see list. This revered Gothic building was initially created in 1337 as a grain market, but over time it has become an iconic symbol of the city's rich culture and heritage. Inside, visitors are greeted with unparalleled artistry and stunning works of sculpture, including fifteenth-century statues depicting orans – figures with outstretched arms – after which the structure is named.

Orsanmichele mirrors Florence's extraordinary visual beauty while conveying its deep spiritual history, making visiting this landmark an inspiring experience.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Stibbert Museum and Garden

Visiting Florence is an experience that no one should miss out on, and visiting the city's stunning Stibbert Museum and Garden is a must. Located in the northern part of Florence, the museum houses armor from throughout Europe’s history, as well as paintings, sculptures, and an extensive collection of antique weapons. The immense garden that surrounds the museum contains decorative statues, ponds, and waterfalls, along with an exotic bird collection.

It's the perfect place to explore the history of Italy’s Renaissance art, culture, and lifestyle. With over thirty-five thousand objects displayed in fifty-nine rooms spread across five floors, visiting here can be an inspiring journey as you learn more about Italian heritage one step at a time!

 Florence Hidden Gems

Opera del Duomo Museum

Visiting Florence isn't complete without visiting the Opera del Duomo Museum. A remarkable exhibition of jewel-like religious artworks and sculptures is housed in this museum that reveals how devoted Florentines were to their faiths. The Opera del Duomo Museum offers an intimate look into one of the most renowned artistic movements ever – the Italian Renaissance.

The artistic heritage showcased at the museum also speaks to how these faiths have deeply informed some of the country's most acclaimed masterpieces. Not only will visitors find a range of inspiring works from some of Italy's greatest masters - Michelangelo, Donatello, and more - but also take a step back in time as they discover timeless gems from the Italian Renaissance.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Opera Museum of Sante Croce Basilica

Visiting Florence is an experience like no other, and nowhere leverages that sentiment better than the Opera Museum of Sante Croce Basilica. Housed inside this stunning 13th-century basilica are over 500 years of history, where much of which is preserved in manuscripts and documents. The museum displays the fine and fragile artworks of revered masters, including works by Michelangelo Buonarroti and Donatello.

Dedicated to preserving precious pieces from epochs long past, visiting this museum is a mesmerizing journey through time–one that will leave you feeling inspired for days to come.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Hospital of the Innocents

Florence, Italy is renowned for its iconic landmarks and beauty that attract visitors from all over the world. Visiting Florence is an opportunity to experience the beauty of Renaissance architecture and art, but it also offers the chance to learn about its historically profound culture.

One of the city's most remarkable establishments, the Hospital of the Innocents, was founded in 1245 and operated on the revolutionary belief that all children should be valued and cared for. The hospital retained its purpose of providing health, education, and assistance to vulnerable children for seven centuries until 1997 when it changed its name to La Nottola Centre for Childhood Education.

Visiting the hospital allows us an opportunity to understand how our predecessors strived to create a better and brighter future. The spirit of selflessness and compassion still stands strong today, symbolizing the beauty of Florence's culture and long history of care for its citizens.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Basilica of San Miniato al Monte

Visiting Florence is a magical experience and one of the highlights of visiting this Italian city is visiting the majestic Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. It stands on a hilltop near the center of Florence and offers incredible views. The church was designed in 1018 and looks like something out of a fairytale, with its marble façade, Romanesque-style architecture, iconic gabled roof, and adornments that glisten in the morning sunlight. Inside, you will find beautiful stained glass windows as well as 14th-century sculptures which are truly breathtaking.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library

Visiting the iconic Laurentian Library in Florence is a must-do when visiting this beautiful city. Built by Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1523 and 1559, this stunning masterpiece of Renaissance architecture graced with timeless beauty has inspired generations past and present. The Laurentian Library boasts ornate marble carvings, skilfully crafted to create a grand entrance, as well as over 11,000 manuscripts and books stored inside it.

It stands magnificently within the walls of the magnificent San Lorenzo basilica today, allowing visitors to appreciate its architectural brilliance from the outside and experience the library from within. Taking a stroll through Renaissance history and admiring the works of Michelangelo is an inspiring experience that can be enjoyed by everyone visiting Florence.

 Florence Hidden Gems

The Chiostro dello Scalzo

Visiting Florence is an unforgettable experience and one of the most amazing places to explore while visiting the city is The Chiostro dello Scalzo. This majestic multi-story cloister was originally built in 1437 during the Renaissance period and has since been used as a convent and a home for visiting artists. During restoration works it has maintained its beautiful Bramante arches that welcome you through the entrance before taking you on an inspirational journey through its many frescoes, statues, paintings, and altars.

Each level reveals something different with wonderful examples of Florentine art and architecture that are sure to amaze. Taking some time to visit this incredible site will make your trip to Florence truly special.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Casa di Dante

One of the most inspiring places to visit in Florence is Casa di Dante, situated just outside the historic city center. Considered one of the most important monuments in Florence, it was the home of one of Italy's greatest poets, Dante Alighieri. It is a renowned 14th-century building and a living memory of one of Florence's most notorious inhabitants - the great poet, Dante Alighieri.

Here you will find remarkable relics related to his life and works that have been carefully preserved throughout history and are now open to the public. Everyone can explore unparalleled insights into some of the world's most treasured and timeless literature. With its remarkably preserved architectural structures, it provides an amazing backdrop for what is an essential part of visiting Florence.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Archaeolgical Museum

Home to some of the world’s greatest works of art, Florence is a treasure trove of inspiring culture. One must-visit spot in this thriving city is the Archaeological Museum in Florence – an incredible repository that perfectly captures the past and present of what the city has to offer.

From renowned sculptures and 9th-century weapons to ancient jewelry and other artifacts, the museum has it all. From classical sculptures to Renaissance paintings and Etruscan funerary urns, you will be stunned by the impressive array of exhibits and intrigued to learn about their cultural significance. If you are in search of what to visit in Florence, then plan your itinerary around a tour of the Archaeological Museum and be inspired as you explore centuries worth of history!

A visit will teach you a great deal about what Florence has gone through in its centuries-long history and give you an insight into what greatly contributed to making it what it is today - one of the tastemakers of art, fashion, food, and culture.

 Florence Hidden Gems

Buonomini di San Martino

Florence is a paradise of artwork, culture, and history.

No visit to Florence would be complete without a stop at the Buonomini di San Martino. Founded in 1244, this beautiful and beloved Florentine landmark boasts stunning Renaissance-style architecture, breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside, and a rich history of its own. Built under the patronage of the Florentine art scene at the time, this is one of the most important sites one can visit in Florence - especially for those interested in what its vibrant culture had to offer hundreds of years ago.

 Florence Hidden Gems

L’importuno di Michelangelo

When visiting Florence, L'importuno di Michelangelo should be on everyone's list. This iconic masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance is unmatched in its level of detail and beauty. When looking at this intricate statue, it's almost impossible to believe that it was chiseled from a single marble block centuries ago.

The figure stirs emotions within viewers, which has made it one of Florence's most beloved attractions. Experiencing the magnetic aura of this majestic work quite literally transports guests back in time and offers an illuminating perspective into what makes Florence such a special place. Visiting L'importuno di Michelangelo is a must-do for any traveler wishing to experience what makes this part of Italy so remarkable and inspiring.

 Florence Hidden Gems

From Michelin-starred restaurants to secret underground gardens and incredible art and architecture, Florence is brimming with amazing hidden gems. But with so many old streets to explore, it can be tough to take it all in! Each corner of Florence has something special to discover and explore.

Visit Florence with your eyes open and take some time to explore it! Embrace the beauty and enjoy what this incredible city has to offer while also making time for travel’s favorite pastime; getting lost. Remember that exploring Florence doesn’t have to be hard; there are plenty of tools at your disposal that can help you take advantage of its hidden gems. From street signs to shopping guides, these valuable resources will provide you with enough tips and information on how to experience one of Italy’s best cities without missing a beat.

So go ahead, let your curiosity lead you through Florence, and don’t forget - get one of our decks of cards with 50 fun travel ideas to use in Florence!

You never know what new secret or surprise awaits you around the corner!

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