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Get 2 copies of Travel Challenges Original deck (50 cards) to create adventures with a friend.

You don’t even know how you ended up riding that donkey to the wedding of the cousin of your taxi driver? Or how you managed to learn the art of traditional hand weaving?

Well, that could all be results of our challenges.

If you want to bring home stories like that, these challenges are for you. Just pick a card and let the adventure happen!

The cards will bring you joy, unique memories and many adventures. You can leave your comfort zone at home, because you will not need it.

On every card you find a challenge that you will do on that day. A great way to explore any destination of the world. Get to know the locals and create a lot of new friendships.

Stop worrying about small talks with strangers. These cards are a great conversation starter. Even if it’s just as easy as asking other people to do the challenge with you!

For anyone who seeks adventure!
A must have on your next packing list or great as a creative gift for travelers!

50 Challenges
50 Inspirational travel quotes
50 Adventures
50 Stories
... uncountable memories


Your adventure starts now.
Can you do it?


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